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"God IS Still Speaking"


This week the theme is:

The Gift of the UCC


Psalm 33:1-12

Matthew 9: 9-17

Join us Sunday mornings for worship at 10:00 am. 

This summer we will geek out because

"God IS Still Speaking".

"So… how many times has this happened to you?  You’re in the middle of a conversation with an old friend, or perhaps a new acquaintance and out of the blue that person starts quoting scripture at you and telling you that you’re wrong.  Honestly, we in the UCC are often at a loss in our response because we just don’t use scripture in the same way.  Of course, that often leads to the other person accusing us of being wishy-washy about our faith, or of following the “worldly” path instead of the Biblical path.

This summer I’d like to spend some time with Biblical and theological concepts at a deeper level.  I’d like us to think again about some of the concepts and beliefs the adults in the congregation were asked to think about in confirmation because, let’s face it, those concepts were not at the top of the priority list for many of us at that age.  I’d like to wonder about how our understanding of God’s presence and work in the world continues to evolve as we grow and live.  I’d like us to consider how differently we were led depending on our faith of upbringing.  I’d like for us to take a look at scripture through new lenses and wonder if the interpretation we were taught still makes sense for our lives today."               Pastor Jill

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