"From the past will come the future;

what it holds, a mystery"

With Jill on Sabbatical until August,

we may look a bit different as we are on Sabbatical too. 

What does that look like? 

It will be a "smorgasbord" of various worship styles and opportunities.

Check back each week to see what New Journey is up to.


Join us for Open and Affirming Sunday. 

We will be renewing our

Open and Affirming Resolution.


Join us for Communion Sunday

with Rev. Penny Entringer

As Jill said,

"I hope that we will all experience a letting go of some of the little things we thought were so necessary so you can embrace new ways of being the church.  I hope that in the letting go we will see more clearly a connection       between our rich history and our future calling; serving the community

and following Jesus in ways of Justice and Love."

In person worship Sundays at 10:00 am   

Zoom at this link:   https://zoom.us/j/114610684

At this time, New Journey is not requiring masks.  

BUT, we are highly recommending them for your protection

and protection of others. 

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