This is the Season of Miracles!

How often have you heard that said of this time of the year?  It certainly does feel different, this holiday season.  I wonder, though, what it is that defines a miracle.  If science can explain something, does that disqualify it from being miraculous?  What makes something holy or sacred?

This Advent you’re invited to think beyond the old definitions of miraculous and open yourself to experience the Holiness of everyday life.  I’m hoping you’ll take a bit of a scavenger hunt with me; seeking out the sacred all around you.  Keep a journal.  Do some art.  Call a friend.  Most importantly, begin to notice just how often you encounter beauty, kindness, compassion, love, hope, joy, peace; how often you recognize a sacred gift from the creator that seems to appear just when you or someone you know needs it the most.

reflecting the sacred.png

Join us as we

“Reflect the Sacred”

on these themes:

November 27th - Sacred Time

December 4th -  Sacred People

December 11th - Sacred Space

December 18th - Sacred Knowing

Christmas Eve - Sacred Being

December 25th - Surprisingly Sacred

January 1st - Sacred Doing

The Psalms tell us that “The heavens are telling the glory of God.”  The signs of the miraculous are everywhere.  The season for miracles can go on for year after year if we only open ourselves to    recognize the most sacred moments of each day.

May the season reveal the holiness that surrounds and upholds and fills and heals this world of   brokenness and possibility.


Pastor Jill